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          External awards are available to all Ontario College students; they are provided and administered through outside sources. We post as we receive notice of external bursary opportunities.

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          For additional external bursary and scholarship opportunities please visit:


          //yconic.com/ (formerly Student Awards)


          Indspire disburses bursaries and scholarships through its Building Brighter Futures program to Indigenous students who are enrolled in post-secondary programs.

          Since 1985, Indspire has disbursed bursaries and scholarships to First Nation, Inuit, and Métis post-secondary students. It is the largest funder for Indigenous education outside of the federal government.

          External Awards Submission Process:

          External scholarships and Bursaries are facilitated through the Alumni & Development office. The process to issue an external scholarship is to send the award information in a letter (our mailing information is provided below) with the award funds in the form of a cheque. Unless you require an invoice, then please send the letter with the invoice request included.

          ATTN: Awards
          Alumni & Development Office
          St. Lawrence College
          100 Portsmouth Avenue
          Kingston, Ontario
          K7L 5A6
          Phone: 613-544-5400 ext. 1232

          Once we receive the award funds we will post the funds directly to the students tuition account under the name of your award title and you will be receipted. We handle a number of external awards from multiple organizations that are initiated by the organization at their convenience.

          If you require any additional information please call or email us awards@sl.on.ca

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