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          Whether you wish to make an immediate gift, or a pledge, you can make your gift using one of these methods:

          email at icon  线上: 点击这里 to make your gift through our secure server. 

          phone icone  用电话: 请 call 1-800-228-4664 to make a credit card donation or to update your credit card number for pledge payment purposes.

          Mail icon 通过邮件: 请 点击这里 to print off a pledge form and mail into the ST。AG体育 校友与发展办公室. If you require any assistance with the pledge form or to receive in a different format please contact development@sl.on.ca

          Cheques can be made payable to:

          Attn: 校友与发展办公室
          金士顿,在K7L 5A6

          in person icon  亲自: Gifts can be brought to the 校友 & Development office on the 1st floor (room 02000) of the College. Click 这里 看到我们的校园地图上。

          To learn more about the best ways to give, please 点击这里.

          发现更多的选择 支持高校.

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