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          • 看到和听到的,我们的毕业生在艺术上做出标记
          • 总理的奖2019提名
          • 电流SLC - 你的?
          • AMC SLC全明星
          • 回声,passings,从现实世界中的故事,聚会多

          我们正在对我们的印刷版冬季到2020年,千万不要错过,确保我们有您 更新后的联系人信息.




          St. Lawrence College’s Voyageur print magazine is published through the ST。188体育 校友 & Development Office and is distributed to over 50,000 alumni and friends of the College. Contributions of articles and photos about or of interest to our alumni, as well as signed letters to the Editor, are welcomed and are published at the discretion of the Editor. To have your name added to our distribution list or to reserve advertising space in Voyageur, please contact the 校友与发展办公室 广告费率可根据要求提供。





          Take a trip down memory lane...We shared some great stories over the years, now you can take a look back at all previous Voyageur Magazines. Sit, back, grab your favourite beverage & scan through our SLC past. 


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